Bartosz Biskupski

About me

I'm a software engineer, researcher and entrepreneur who loves building great teams.

Currently, I'm responsible for the Artificial Intelligence group at Samsung R&D Institute Poland. This is a rather large group (over 100 researchers and engineers in 3 locations) working on projects related to Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis and (Big) Data Analytics. My main research interest is in Deep Learning methods and their application to these areas.

In my academic life, I had done research on distributed systems, complex adaptive systems, media streaming, content delivery, peer-to-peer and wireless ad-hoc networks. In 2009, I received a Ph.D. degree in computer science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. In 2004, I received an M.Sc. degree in computer science from both University of Warsaw and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

For many years, I've worked as a software engineer and architect for a number of IT companies. I've also funded two startups: FilesOverMiles and

Publications from my academic life